Nov 4, 2010

=' )

wawawa, my bff celebrate my becoming birthday ! tawuu sbb ape? sbbnya 9hb will be start our final exam for this sem. paper accounting okayh! repeat. ACCOUNTING. for me it is a killer subject. errrr demn ! nak A !! nak A !! plisss God. help me. huh ! and of coz on 8 Nov ( my D.O.B ) kami study sampai lebammmmm. tade mase nak buat tea party for me. =(   -- ta harap pon. HAHA. 

p/s : location Taman Jaya

Oct 31, 2010

bff date !

Some people just don't understand how close we are like SPONGEBOB and PATRICK, or how LILO loves STITCH so much, how CATDOG is attached to each other and even how DORA is always with her monkey, BOOTS. Yeah. That is how close we are.

p/s : I miss all of my BABES and DUDES! and thanks for being mineeee too <3